Cute verbs

baby-cuddle-120517I owe the idea of this blog post to my eighteen-month-old son: he was a bit restless yesterday afternoon so, to calm him down, I thought we’d have a bit of playtime on the bed. I started tickling him and he started giggling..

So here’s a list of ‘cute’ actions that people do when they want to show affection:

to tickle someone

This is what you do when you want to make people laugh. People’s armpits are usually ticklish.

He was feeling miserable so I started tickling him and he couldn’t help laughing.

to snuggle

This is when you get close to someone and you’re all comfy and warm.

They were snuggling on the sofa after a long day.

to cuddle someone

This is when you hold someone in your arms to make them feel loved.

The mum cuddled her baby to stop his crying.

to stroke someone’s hair

This is when you gently touch someone. It is a repetitive movement that people often perform on their pets.

She stroke her daughter’s hair and thought what a wonderful woman she now was.

to pinch someone’s face

This is what you do with your thumb and first finger by taking a bit of someone’s skin (however, it can also be done to hurt someone).

He started to playfully pinch her face to tease her.

to tuck someone in

This is an action you perform on someone who is in bed and it’s when you make sure their covers are properly put under the mattress so the person will feel warm and cosy.

As a kid I looked forward to my dad tucking me in before falling asleep.

to blow raspberries on someone

This is when you press your lips against someone’s body and blow air on their skin.

He was blowing raspberries on her tummy to make her giggle.

Hope you’ve learnt a few new ‘cute’ verbs!

Take care,







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