Feeling hungry – Vocabulary

Alberto-Sordi-spaghetti-come-ingrassareWelcome back English language learners!

Today’s post is about feeling hungry and includes vocabulary that hopefully some of you will find useful!

It’s six o’clock, I am sitting on the sofa and ask my partner “Do you fancy a snack?”, his usual answer is “not really, why?”

Well because this the time of the day I usually start feeling peckish, meaning that I’d like to peck at or nibble on some food. I’m not craving for anything special, just some munchies*. Some peanuts or grapes will do.

I’m not hungry yet but I’m getting there and the situation, if not dealt with, could easily escalate in me being starving soon. That happens especially on stressful days at the end of which I usually feel ravenous.

[Two and a half hours later]

It’s half past height and dinner is almost ready. Fish pie and veggies on the side. A mouthwatering aroma wafts from the oven. I eat two servings and I’m full but I can’t help having another bite. And now I’m really stuffed!

Enjoy your meal!:)

*in slang you can also say that you have the munchies, meaning that you’re craving for snack food, usually because of consuming alcohol or drugs.