‘get’ and its thousands meanings

doubtful-situation Let’s be honest, the verb ‘get’ can be a real pain in the arse for students. I bet people use  this word at least 30 times a day (or more!) in the English speaking world. “Get” has many  different meanings and today I’m going to take you through the most common ones.

Get to mean RECEIVE
 i.e. I got an email from Paul this morning.  (RECEIVED)

Get to mean BUY
 i.e. I got my boyfriend a jumper for his birthday.  (BOUGHT) >> note the structure of this  sentence: to get + somebody + something

Get to mean FETCH
 i.e. Can you get me that bag please? (FETCH) >> note the structure again: to get  somebody something

Get to mean ARRIVE
i.e. I got home very late last night . (ARRIVED)

Get to mean UNDERSTAND
i.e. I don’t get why people rush all the time in London (UNDERSTAND)

Get to mean BECOME
i.e. He got very sad when he heard the news (BECAME)

Get to mean BRING
i.e. What can I get you guys? (BRING)  often said by a waiter/waitress who wants to get your orders

Get to mean ACCOMPLISH
i.e. I don’t know how he got to be this company’s CEO.

and these are just a few examples!