Object pronouns activity

Object pronouns consolidation practice

How to be polite and specific 

pic-confusion1I did this activity with a 12-year-old child whom I teach online. The language had been presented in previous lessons so this is meant to be a consolidation activity.

It’s a pair exercise and the idea is that A is being rude and not very clear so B makes A be polite and more specific. I wrote this example on the board at the beginning of the lesson:


A: Get it for me!

B: I beg your pardon!?

A: Can you please get it for me?

B: But get what?

A: Get my jacket.

I explained the meaning of ‘I beg your pardon’ and then ask the student to list the object pronouns we had studied. I then pointed out that ‘it’ refers to things, that’s why I wrote ‘jacket’ and ‘what’. Students should be familiar with the different wh-words as well.

I then told her that she was going to be A and I was going to be B and we were going to act out similiar situations with the following sentences:

  1. Pass them to me!
  2. Call her!
  3. Help him!
  4. Give it to them!
  5. Put it down!

Here’s another example for sentence 2:

Call her!
I beg your pardon!
Can you please call her?
But call who?
Call my sister.

We then swapped roles.

The student found the exercise quite funny and I thought it was a good real-life situation to act out. When teaching grammar (especially online and to a young learner) I often struggle to find activities that are not too boring so I’m pretty pleased with this one and I reckon I’ll use it again! What do you think?